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November 2012

Bausch + Lomb presents new generation of silicone-hidrogel toric contact lenses
Pure Vision 2 for astigmatism



The main features of the lenses are:

Auto Align Design - optimized thickness profile and larger diameter deliver outstanding stability and lens orientation, for crisp, clear vision throughout the day
High Definition
Opticsthe only silicone-hidrogel toric contact lenses that reduce spherical aberration on both the cylinder and sphere meridians of the lens, delivering clear vision in low light conditions
- outstanding comfort upon lens insertion and during wear



December 2011


PURE VISION 2 High Definition – silicon-hidrogel contact lenses for continuous wear and monthly replecement. These new contact lenses deliver incredible vision throughout and at the end of working day, and especially in low-light conditions.


  • PURE VISION 2 HD contact lenses are very thin, yet remarkably easy to handle.
  • Inovative design,  a thin, rounded edge and high oxygen transmissibility provide natural feel and comfortable and healthy lens wear.
  • Moisture-rich packaging solution delivers outstanding comfort upon insertion and throughout the whole day.
  • PURE VISION 2 HD contact lenses successfully reduce spherical aberration and provide crisp, clear vision, especialy in low light conditions.




December 2010

Now, in our market – the new Bausch&Lomb solution for healthy care of your contact lenses – BIO TRUE – designed to work like the eye with three benefits inspired by biology of your eyes.


What actually, does it mean: bio-inspiration?

Bio- inspiration is a discipline that uses the best examples of the nature as inspiration for the new products, systems and technologies.

Now, there is a lens care solution as an example of bio – inspiration: BIO TRUE - the solution inspired by biology of your eyes.

Bio True is more than ordinary cleaning of your contact lenses – it is completely innovative way of your eyes care:

- it contains the unique formula that match the PH of healthy tears, and enable the natural conditions for eye functioning;
- it contains lubricants also found naturally in the eyes - hyaluronan which lasts in your contact lenses up to 20 hours makes wearing contact lenses comfortable all day;
- it keeps some useful proteins (lisozyme) and their antibacterial characteristics;
- the combination of Polyhexamethylene Biguanide & Polyquaternium-1 provides the excellent disinfection against bacteria, fungi and Acantoameba.

For more information visit the web site : www.biotrue.com

Summer 2010

Dear clients,
take advantage of traditional progressive lenses SPECIAL OFFER!!
We offer special pricing for the following products:

  • Genesis 1.50
    Piccolo 1.50
    Active 1.50
    Office 1.50
    Elit 1.56
    Genesis 1.60
    Sunsensors Brown & Gray 1.56
    Micra Brown & Gray 1.56
    Transitions V Brown & Gray 1.50

This offer is for limited time, until stocks last or until September 15, 2010.
For further information, please contact our Order department or Sales Managers.

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November 2012 Bausch + Lomb presents new generation of silicone-hidrogel toric contact lensesPure Vision 2 for astigmatism   The main features of the ...
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